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Tutoring 101 is a professional educational services company celebrating over 23 years of educating students. We tutor students online with proven remote learning techniques, helping students achieve higher test scores with our comprehensive test prep programs and personal tutoring in any subject.

Founded in 1997 in Allen, Texas, Tutoring 101 is led by Tanya Donaghey M.A., a certified 30-year teacher and principal, currently completing her Doctor of Education degree. Tutoring 101 offers tutors who specialize in elementary education, math skills from elementary through college level, reading skills from beginning readers through SAT prep, test prep tutors who specialize in SSAT and ISEE prep for private schools, and even foreign languages at all levels. We have tutored students with comprehensive PSAT, SAT and ACT test prep classes for over 23 years and can teach them the tips and strategies to raise their scores.

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Tanya Donaghey President Tutoring101
Tanya Donaghey
President and Advisor

Tanya has a B.S. of Education from Baylor University, a Masters from SMU, a Principal Certification from UNT, and is currently an EdD student at DBU.

Robyn Mead Tutoring
Robyn Mead

Robyn has a double major in English and Theatre Arts and Speech from Averett University in Virginia. With over 10 years of experience working with parents, students and teachers, she simplifies issues and helps students reach their goals, meeting their diverse needs. She serves on the boards of Allen Texas' Community Theatre and The Allen Arts Alliance.

Steve Walk Physics Tutor
Steve Walk
Physics Tutor

Steven Sikes Math Tutor
Steven Sikes
Mathematics Professor

Steven teaches Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Statistics at Collin College. He likes to share with students the amazing versatility of mathematics and give humorous ways of remembering formulas and procedures. He is formerly a computer programmer and data acquisition engineer at General Motors.

Cassandra Bowell Tutor
Cassandra Bowell
Mathematics Professor

Cassandra holds both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Mathematics from OSU. She has taught math courses at the community college level since 1991: Basic Mathematics, College Level Mathematics, Trigonometry, PreCalculus and Calculus. She tutors in all levels of mathematics as well as for SAT, ACT, SSAT and TSIA.

Math Tutor Beverly Frederick
Beverly Frederick
Mathematics Professor & Gifted Education

Beverly has taught math since 1989: 7th Grade Math, Pre-Algebra, ESL Math, 8th Grade Math, Algebra, Geometry, PreAP/IB Geometry, PreAP/IB Algebra II, Math Models, Algebraic Reasoning and SAT/ACT Prep. She has taught courses from 7th grade through high school, and has also been a curriculum and instruction coach.

English tutor
Heather Shin
English & History Tutor

Heather Shin has been in education for over 20 years. She has a Bachelors with a double major in History and English from Angelo State University and a Masters of Education from Texas A&M- Commerce. She currently teaches for a 100% virtual charter school that services students all over the state of Texas. She has been with Tutoring 101 for four years and tutors English, History, and SAT/ACT prep.

Dominique Davis Elementary - 8th Grade Tutor
Dominque Davis
Elementary - 8th Grade Tutor

Dominique is from Austin, Texas and relocated with her husband to Allen, Texas just over a year ago. She earned her BBA from the University of Texas at Austin, and her M.Ed from Concordia University. She is certified to teach all subjects for Early Childhood - 4th grade, 4th - 8th grade Math and holds a Principal certification. Currently, she teaches 7th grade math for Dallas ISD.

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I had been tutored in Chemistry and AP American History my previous year with great results (like D's to B's, it was crazy). I knew the SAT class would be no different, and I was right.

The instructors really know what they are talking about and it's obvious very early on that they really do care and want you to succeed and do well on this important test. I learned some groovy techniques in the Reading part of the test and would later go on to score a 680 on that portion of the exam. I also did really well on the Math portion. I'm terrible at math, so I know that had I not taken the course, I couldn't have made it.

Studying for the SAT (or any subject) with Tutoring 101 is an extremely good idea if you're nervous about taking the test or just feel like you need some extra practice. They've got great tutors-most are teachers who are doing what they do every single day. I highly recommend taking the SAT class, it helped me tremendously and I know that it will do the same for anyone else who takes it.


Allen High School

1. How long has Tutoring 101 been in business?

We have been helping kids achieve their goals for over 23 years and have won Best Tutoring Company in the Best of the Best awards from Star Local Media every year. Our customers return to us again and again for each of their kids and we have even started to tutor kids of previous students.

2. How does your program work?

Almost all our subject tutoring is one-on-one, live with the tutor and is set up by appointment. We do offer two-to-one tutoring for two students that contact us to work together with the tutor. We have small group or one-on-one available for PSAT/SAT/ACT prep.

3. Do I pick the tutor?

All our tutors are certified teachers who tutor the subjects they teach. Our Director matches the tutor and student based on subject matter and availability as well as who will best meet the student’s needs.


Whatever your goals—Tutoring 101 offers guaranteed results at an affordable cost. Get started today!


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Our tutors live and work primarily in the North Texas area but we have also been able to reach out and recruit teachers who are considered the best in their subject matter. Tutoring 101 tutors have all been teachers, and most are ranked as Teachers of the Year in A+ rated schools. Our tutors’ experience makes them valuable partners for parents navigating remote learning, or assisting juniors and seniors with college application and test prep.

We have an extensive search process to find the highest quality tutors for your student. Each of our tutors is a certified teacher, chosen for their intuitive ability to communicate with students and their scholastic expertise in their area of specialty.

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