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TUTORING 101 is a professional educational services company. Founded in 1997 in Allen, Texas, Tutoring 101 is under the direction of Tanya Donaghey, a certified teacher who has over 30 years of experience educating students, both in and out of the classroom. She has three children and as a parent, professional educator, and business owner, she understands the professionalism required to help our students and support our tutors.

Our tutors live and work primarily in the North Texas area but we have been able to reach beyond our area to recruit teachers who are the cream of the crop across the country to offer our students the best tutors available. Great teachers are great teachers and whether you live in Allen, Texas or Allentown, Pennsylvania we can help improve your grades, level up your SAT scores and ace your ACT test.  Our tutors have the advantage of being teachers as well as tutors and as a result have insights many parents find helpful when navigating school expectations.

We have an extensive search process for only the highest quality tutors. Each of our tutors is a certified teacher who is chosen for their intuitive ability to communicate with students and their scholastic expertise in their area of specialty.

Our tutors specialize in elementary education, math skills through the college level, reading skills from elementary through SAT prep, SSAT and ISEE prep, the sciences, and foreign language at all levels. We have comprehensive PSAT/SAT and ACT test preparation classes taught by teachers that have been leading these classes for many years and know all the tips and strategies as well as the content of these tests.

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"Our daughter graduated in the top 10% of her class at Allen High School gaining automatic admission to some of the best colleges! We relied on the excellent tutors at Tutoring 101 throughout out her school years. In high school, they helped her succeed in all of her AP Math, Science, and History classes."



Founded in 1997 in Allen, Texas, Tutoring 101 is under the direction of Tanya Donaghey, a certified teacher with over 30 years of experience educating students.


Tutoring 101 is online, so we are always near you


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Meet our Tutoring 101 Core Staff

Tanya Donaghey

President and Advisor

Tanya is President and Advisor of Tutoring 101. She has a B.S. of Education from Baylor University, a Masters from SMU and a Principal Certification from UNT. EdD student at DBU

Robyn Mead


Robyn is the Director at Tutoring 101. She has a double major in English and Theatre Arts and Speech from Averett University in Virginia. With over 10 years of experience working with parents, students, and teachers, she can help to navigate the ever-changing waters of education while simplifying issues, helping students to reach their goals and meeting their diverse needs. She spends her time away from Tutoring 101 serving on the boards of Allen’s Community Theatre and The Allen Arts Alliance as well as spoiling her granddaughter.

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About Tutoring 101

TUTORING 101 is a professional educational services company.

Our staff includes teachers and professors in all academic subjects
and grade levels. We have been tutoring in Allen and surrounding areas since 1997. 

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