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How Tutoring helps students succeed academically

Covid 19 (coronavirus) has forced schools around the world to close classrooms, throwing a monkey wrench in the educational system. According to the World Economic Forum:

“more than 1.2 billion children in 186 countries have been affected by school closures caused by the pandemic.”

Many have turned to remote learning and online courses. New research estimates that by September, 2020, most students would have fallen behind by many months, with some students even losing the equivalent of a full school years’ worth of academic gains. Parents who have been quarantining in the house with their children have struggled to engage with them academically and that is where tutoring services, such as those offered at Tutoring 101 can help.

Tutoring as an essential early-childhood learning tool

Tutoring 101  was founded in 1997, by Tanya Donaghey. “During my time as a teacher, I realized that there was a need in Texas but also across the country for tutoring and test prep,” she says. “Starting Tutoring 101 enabled me to further take my expertise in education, strength in talking to parents, and targeted teaching in a way that wasn’t available in a traditional classroom.” Now in their twenty third year of tutoring Donaghey believes that tutoring is more crucial now than ever.

There has been a new surge in tutoring demands and asking for social distancing from children is a challenge. In addition many parents are looking at tutoring to provide daily structure for their children.

Tutoring 101 is responsive to the needs of today’s students. When the pandemic started many companies weren’t able to offer their courses virtually, we have been offering them for several years.

Are your children struggling with remote learning?

Being highly observant of your child’s behavior is key in identifying red flags, especially for those in their early years. “The early foundational years from kindergarten through sixth grade is a significant. To best support a positive learning environment, look at these three pillars:

  1. Social belonging, where a student feels a part of the school community and engages regularly with peers and teachers alike.
  2. Academic rigor, where a student feels like he or she can demonstrate critical thinking and feel like they’re being challenged with engaging courses.
  3. Emotional stability, where a student feels good about learning and is generally happy to be mentally stimulated.

For many children struggling it is easier to shut down than address the issues before them.  If you notice your child’s anxiety levels growing for whatever reason, whether they’re struggling with their studies or something else, reach out to a specialist. Anxiety and confidence are very much a ying yang proposition. When anxiety is up, confidence is down, and when anxiety is low, confidence is high. And one of the key indicators of a successful student and a happy learner is their confidence.”

For more information on classes at Tutoring 101, visit all the pages on our website or go directly to the page that addresses your students specific needs. From SAT, ACT test prep to one on one personal tutoring and more.

Tutoring 101 has help for you and your students in the Age of Covid 19 and beyond.


college apartment/dorm checklist
Just heading off to college or heading back?  Our friends at Ikea have a handy checklist for remembering all those dorm or apartment needs.  Tutoring 101 is now registering for college prep courses.  Register online here.

See the list below or download the pdf and take it with you.  
Shower curtain
Storage cart
Toiletry bag
Sink accessories
Shower caddy
Desk or laptop stand
Desk organizer
File cabinet
Cord organizer
Power strip
Waste basket
Bed frame
Mattress topper
Duvet cover
Alarm clock
Bedside table
Chest of drawers
Closet storage
Drawer organizers
Shoe organizer
Underbed storage
Laundry bag
Ironing board
Drying rack
Pots & pans
Plates & bowls
Bag clips
Food storage containers
Can opener
Dining table & chairs
Dish towels
Drying rack
Snacks, drinks & sweets
Trash & recycling bins
Sofa or loveseat
Floor lamp
Side table
Media storage
Wall art
Picture frames
Area rugs
Sewing kit
Tool kit
Do you enjoy helping students?

Would like to supplement your income?

Tutoring 101 hires tutors with the following qualifications:

* College degree in subject

* Teaching experience

* Teacher certification preferred.

Please submit your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Exploring a college campus in person can help you determine if the school is the right fit for you. College admissions consultants, high school counselors, undergraduate admissions officers and parents of college-bound students recommend taking a school's official guided tour to see the institution's selling points. Once the official presentation is over, it's important to take a self-guided tour, where you check out places that your guide didn't show you and encounter people you otherwise would not have met.

Senior Year is the time to apply for admission to college and for federal student aid by filling out the FAFSA®.

Here's what students and parents should be doing throughout the year to stay on track at this busy time, including learning how to manage federal student aid.

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