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Our custom tailored online one-on-one tutoring accommodates specifically focusing on topics as requested by the student. Need science tutoring? We can help.  Problems with math, no problem. Whatever subject is causing a challenge, let's conquer it!  Upper level classes offer a variety of challenging topics. Each student may master or struggle with different areas of study within any given class. We can focus on those specific areas and offer a more efficient tutoring session, saving you time and money.

STAAR Preparation for all Tests >

We have tutors in all subjects covered by the STAAR test. The tutors have years of experience with the various test that are and have been required by the state of Texas. Since passing the STAAR test is required for passing the grade level, proper preparation is crucial to advancement.

One on One or College Prep, Students need all the help they can get. Competition is fierce.
Register today and give them the edge they need.

We have tutors in all subjects including:

Algebra tutoring

Geometry tutoring

Pre-Calculus tutoring

Calculus tutoring

College Math tutoring

Biology tutoring

Chemistry tutoring

Physics tutoring

English tutoring

Writing tutoring

History tutoring

Government tutoring

Economics tutoring

Spanish tutoring

French tutoring


We offer a variety of options to prepare for the ACT / PSAT / SAT / STAAR / THEA tests including specifically tailored one-on-one tutoring and online study classes. Our students have consistently improved their scores on these tests.

Study Skills and Time Management >

For students who are on grade level but could benefit from organization skills, test taking tips, and note taking practice, time management and more.

Collin College Prep

Tutoring 101 offers tutoring for Collin College math and reading placement tests and subjects such as English and College algebra.
We also offer the Collin College Firefighter test
. Visit Collin County Firefight Certification for more information about Collins Firefighter program

Summer Workshops >

The curriculum for our College Study Prep summer workshop includes topics such as speed- reading, note taking, organization and time management skills crucial for success in college. Summer Academy



About Tutoring 101

TUTORING 101 is a professional educational services company.

Our staff includes teachers and professors in all academic subjects
and grade levels. We have been tutoring in Allen and surrounding areas since 1997. 

Contact us today about one-on-one tutoring in any subject.

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